How can i get picture in picture to go above fullscreen app?

I like to watch youtube videos while playing games with the picture in picture feature that firefox has, but i can use it in fullscreen becuase the video will go away if i start playing the game is there anyway to change this?

I have no experience with XFCE, but in KDE Plasma, you can right-click the title bar of a window and select “Always on top”, which will keep said window in the foreground even when it’s not the active window, and it works against the backdrop of a full-screen application too…

I think you can’t go on top of FULLSCREEN, but you can go on top of maximised, or tiled.

I set Conky ‘on top’ and tile my Plex player to get my clock on top - but if I set Plex fullscreen, the clock is hidden.

Doesn’t work in fullscreen. Search for borderless fullscreen at the game or run it with wine in a virtual screen.