How can I fully uninstall Dolphin in Manjaro

Dolphin is good,but it also too complex, i choose Nemo
but how can i full uninstall Dolphin?
and if i change the default file manager ,
will any bug appear?

thanks Again

my environment:

Install Nemo via Pamac, make it default File Manager via Settings > Applications > Default Applications
Give it a try and see if works for you as you want. Remove Dolphin via Pamac.

Most users that prefer KDE Plasma will use Dolphin. If there are no bugs in Nemo or KDE Plasma, they will not appear by removing Dolphin. There might be inconsistencies tho. For the 11MiB space that Dolphin takes on the hard drive, you can keep it.


Why not simple learn how to setup Dolphin to your liking? I mean you’re taking the time to learn how to setup the Plasma desktop which is one of the hardest to setup when you’re not use to it.


Dolphin is the most customizable file manager ever
look at mine


it is so cool!
but Manjaro is a Coding Environment for me,

in fact,lot’s of softword(some old but no one can be replaced) I need to use can only run well in windows,
There is no choise.

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Thank you,

but the config of it will not remove.
(this is why i pull this question)

Uninstalling something does not touch your home config files, you delete it if you don’t want it anymore.
rm ~/.config/dolphinrc
and also
rm -rf ~/.local/share/dolphin


Thank you very much!

its a guide for someone want to find a better file manager.

Dolphin is well in Manjaro

but it is too complex,

if you need a simple view “Nemo” is a good chiose(with some little bug)

(Nemo with Nemo terminal(a bug : it cant close))

if you need a geek view " File manager functionality ",just geek :slight_smile:

Have a good day!

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