How can I download the new wallpaper set?

I saw possibly the testing / experimental branch being shown off in a YouTube video somewhere and the wallpaper set was amazing! I believe it was the KDE Manjaro.

I am on the stable branch but I do not see those wallpapers available to me. They were beautiful.

How can I download the newest wallpaper set?

I could not find them here.

gitlab manjaro org / artwork / wallpapers

I found the wallpaper in the Manjaro ISO downloads page for the Plasma Desktop version. It is the cool one with that snowy mountain.
How do I get that whole set? Is the set for plasma different from the Gnome set ? :frowning:

You can find them here: wallpapers · master · Artwork / themes / Breath Theme · GitLab


Thank you so much. I was thinking of the “North” wallpaper. Is this a Breath Theme or a Manjaro Theme?

What’s the difference? It’s breath theme and I always thought it’s a manjaro theme.

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