How can I double-click the SoundWireServer script to run it?

I use soundwire to output audio to my android phone working…

everytime i need to do this

  • Open a terminal window
  • Change into SoundWireServer folder with the command cd ~/Downloads/SoundWireServer
  • Issue the command ./SoundWireServer

how can i just double click to open it. or create .bat file (same as windows) or something to open it guys i m noob came from windows yesterday :slight_smile:

Hi @OpticFXT,

First of all, start using proper grammar please. It makes it easier to understand, and thus help you.

Then, you could create a .desktop file, if you want something like a .bat. I do not have time wight now to give an example, but it would accomplish what you want quite well.

For more info check How to Create a .Desktop File For Your Application in Linux - Make Tech Easier

Sorry my english is broken. I will look what you linked. Thanks alot.


And by the way, your English wasn’t broken. It was very hard to understand, because you typed like you would speak, failing to consider we can’t see you and thus need grammar to help.

The simplest way would be to install SoundWire from pamac (you have to enable AUR in pamac’s preferences, inside the AUR tab):

As “bonus” you wil always have the latest version.

Thanks man :slight_smile:

You’re welcome, buddy :smiley:

That was so usefull… i have one question, how can i set different power modes (i want to set full performance mode like Windows) on manjaro ?