How can i delete the old folder recovered using Testdisk


Last month one of my folder disappeared on /dev/sda1.
After searching online i found that my data was corrupted and recovered it using testdisk
However my old folder still occupies capacity of my disk.
How i can delete the old folder with data inside it and free capacity from my disk

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I’m afraid you are being much too vague for anyone to even understand what you’re talking about, so I can only offer you an equally vague solution.

If the folder is owned by you, then — assuming that it’s called some_folder — issue the following command: :arrow_down:

rm -rf some_folder

Replace some-folder by the name and path of the folder you want to delete. If the folder is not owned by you, you’ll have to prefix the command with sudo, and then you will be prompted for a password.

If the file system is badly damaged, it may be impossible to delete the folder.

You can then try to “repair” the file system. However, this could backfire and cause more damage. So you must first have a good backup of ALL the data in that filesystem.

It may be necessary to delete and recreate the partition. After that, restore your backup.

BUT no one can give good tips with so little information!

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