How can i delete something that is listed under devices

That’s a path to the mountpoint, not the path to the file. You need to delete the file itself.

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oh im sry, im stupid, so the files in the iso?

if it (the iso) is mounted via fuse
as the file manager might have done
unmount it with “fusermount -u …”
but the file manager, which you likely used to mount it, should take care of it

until it is unmounted, it can’t be deleted

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No — if the .iso is unmounted, then you have no access anymore to the files contained therein. Besides, an .iso is read-only — you cannot alter or delete the files in there, because it’s a block-by-block disk image, not an archive.

If you’ve mounted it earlier, then you know where it is located, and its filename will normally end in .iso. So make sure that it is unmounted and then delete the file itself.

oh, i indeed did delete the originfile but the iso was probably mounted back then

In that case, the mount should disappear after a reboot.


i will try that than and report back in a minute, thank you

you were right, its gone now. Is the disk storage also free again?

Yes, it will be, since you deleted the file. Earlier, you had deleted the file before it was unmounted, and so those disk blocks were still in use.

or is there something i could do, because now i have 63%, earlier i had 80%, but i think before the installation i had 55%

i see, thank you very much for the explanation, can i ask you another question?

That’s probably because of the software for the game itself that was installed into your system. Uninstalling or deleting the game should free up that space.

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I will just ask, i wonder where do you get all this knowledge about the operating system manjaro. I would very much like to get more information to avoid stupid questions like this one, I just don’t know enough about it. Youre not of the manjaro team, are you?

It’s not only the information as such - it is experience that helps you access and apply the information.

in other words: learning
it takes some time …

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but where?

I am really satisfied since I recently switched from windows to manjaro but sometimes a little overwhelmed. I try to find my way around but then I often make stupid mistakes or I’m not sure if I’m not doing something wrong when the command for the 10th time does not work or does not do what it should. I try to read these arch pages with a lot of information but im not a tech guy or anything, so is there something thats more easy to read and understand or is manjaro that is based on arch to complicated for a guy like me

anyways, i dont want to waste your time, thank you very much you two, nachlese for the second time, you do great work helping noobs like me haha. Of course i will delete all the off topic messages.

no, please don’t - it may disrupt the flow of the thread for any future reader

oops sry, i will replicate them if you wish

No, I’m not, unless you consider moderators as part of the team. :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, Manjaro is only the name of the distribution, and while distributions all pretty much have their own configuration, their own set of defaults and their own look & feel, the underlying operating system is GNU/Linux, which itself is a UNIX-family operating system.

Myself, I have been exclusively running GNU/Linux on my own systems for over 23 years already, as well as on servers in a now defunct IRC network. And before that, I already had some minor experience working with minicomputers — think “mainframe but smaller” — that ran proprietary UNIX versions.

There are many UNIX- and GNU/Linux-specific websites out there, and there is also plenty of online documentation — some of which is quite outdated, but they do still help you at understanding the basics.

Good places to start would be…

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no need - looks ok


I undeleted them. :stuck_out_tongue:

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i underestimate your power

this guide looks insane, thank you very very much

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