How can i delete something that is listed under devices

I mounted an iso to install a game and now i want to delete this game, but i cant delete the mounted iso listed under devices that installed the game. Pls help!

sudo umount /path/to/where/iso/is/mounted

… or alternatively… :arrow_down:

sudo umount /path/to/iso/name-of-iso
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Why would you want to delete?
Unmount the iso and it will be gone, no?


i tried that but its still there

its still there

Of course it’s still there; unmounting and deleting are not the same thing. But you need to unmount it first before you can delete it.

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of course the iso is still there

Perhaps describe your perceived problem a bit better?

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ok i have, so now?

rm -f /path-to-iso/name-of-iso

The iso takes 80gb of my disk space. I want to get my space back. Im a beginner, im sry, i dont know how to describe it better.

unmount the iso
remove the iso (delete it) - like @Aragorn said


i did that but nothing happened, no output either…

Try it with sudo then. Maybe it’s root-owned.

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nothing happened again

That’s a path to the mountpoint, not the path to the file. You need to delete the file itself.

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oh im sry, im stupid, so the files in the iso?

if it (the iso) is mounted via fuse
as the file manager might have done
unmount it with “fusermount -u …”
but the file manager, which you likely used to mount it, should take care of it

until it is unmounted, it can’t be deleted

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No — if the .iso is unmounted, then you have no access anymore to the files contained therein. Besides, an .iso is read-only — you cannot alter or delete the files in there, because it’s a block-by-block disk image, not an archive.

If you’ve mounted it earlier, then you know where it is located, and its filename will normally end in .iso. So make sure that it is unmounted and then delete the file itself.

oh, i indeed did delete the originfile but the iso was probably mounted back then

In that case, the mount should disappear after a reboot.