How can i create my own Manjaro .iso file?


I want to create a iso file that includes every program i have installed and every setting i changed.

Why i want is, i have to install manjaro with specific workspace and programs on many computer for business.

Any help would be awesome.

You can create a custom iso for yourself and the community:


Manjaro Tools: How to create your own Manjaro Spin - YouTube

Building your custom Manjaro ISO via Github Actions CI - YouTube

is there a program that have gui?

It’s explained in the video in the post I linked to. The manjaro-tools package should contain all you need. :wink:

There are a few GUI programs for burning an ISO to a USB ─ e.g. imagewriter ─ but not for the whole process, because that’s too complex.

Maybe some day in the future, who knows? :man_shrugging:

with gnome boxes, this happens three times

This topic has been brought up on numeous occasions - please search using the :mag: in the top right corner - if you don’t find it - refine your search - you will find lot’s of threads.

Please don’t waste the community time for something as trivial as this.

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