How can I connect hidden network via systemd-networkd + iwd

It fail to connect with hidden networks, but work well with others.


[iwd]# station wlan0 disconnect
[iwd]# station wlan0 connect-hidden hiddenNetworkSSID
Already provisioned

The term hidden in this context is not broadcasting a name - it is still visible but only using the mac address.

I vaguely recall something about connection to hidden networks - but it is very vague - something about the need to somehow use the mac address when connecting.

Yup - you can connect using the bssid - the ap mac address. connect to bssid

thank 4 ur reply.

I foud the solution.
I ever connected the hidden SSID before it is setted to hidden,so the SSID is in known networks list.
I deleted the hidden SSID in known networks list, and used connect-hidden hiddenNetworkSSID again.

It works!

[iwd]#known-networks list
hiddenSSID …
[iwd]#known-networks hiddenSSID forget
[iwd]#station wlan0 connect-hidden cloudsomersault

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