How can I change screen resolution at boot?

Since that update my boot resolution is much lower. I use Plymouth with the Manjaro spash which still is being shown but at a lower res. During system shutdown resolution is back to normal. Any recommendations?

Have a look here:

Hi @SpoOokY,

In addition to what @Wollie recommended, please provide the output of:

grep kms /etc/mkinitcpio.conf

Dear both. I resolved the issue by downgrading plymouth from latest version in the recent testing-update to 22.02.122-18. Now boot res is back to native. Seems to be an issue with the latest version.

And plymouth needs the kms hook, I think.

I’ve seen a lot of plymouth-related problems on here, it’s rather common, IMHO.

I stripped it from my PC/Manjaro exactly because of this. And I don’t want it back, even if it’s less of an issue at some stage,

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