How can I back up my sound profile to USB?

Hello everyone,

When I reinstall the operating system, I need some time to set up my speakers, webcam and the microphone. Is there a way that I can save the sound profile I have set up to USB?

There should be a .conf for each of those settings. Just copy those files to a safe place.

I do this with conky, tint2, btop, terminator, gimp…

When I do a fresh install, I just repace the newly installed .conf file with my saved config files.

Thank you, I think it’s not so easy! I found this: Link , but I can’t understand wat is to do. I prefer to leave it alone and set up the sound manually during a new installation.

ALSA mixer settings for audio devices are usually saved to /var/lib/alsa/asound.state

To transfer ALSA settings, save settings to home folder

alsactl store -f ~/asound.state

Copy asound.state file to USB
And copy file from USB to /var/lib/alsa/asound.state on reinstalled system

Wow! It worked! Thank you for that! :grinning:

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