How can I add startup and shutdown sounds?

As the addition of starter melody and stop the melody and other sounds with will react to events in the system and the user can add his own sounds.

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I support this 100%!

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On Plasma take a look at the Accessibility settings.

Install orca and oxygen-sounds to get sounds and screen reader functionality.

Search the repo for sounds

pamac search sounds

In linux Mint user can setup up hiw own sounds on startup and shutdown or like in Windows.

It depends on the desktop environment, some already have the baked in feature for that (KDE for example), some don’t. So what do you want? You want Manjaro to add the feature in each of the desktop environment that doesn’t have it? Or you want them to make a desktop agnostic feature that will override/conflict with the one already in the desktop environment?

One option would be to create a systemd unit that plays a sound VIA some CLI music player…

Or a startup script, sure, but that doesn’t solve the question of what feature exactly is he asking for, and how would that work or conflict with the various desktop environments.


Yeah, I know. It was just a thought. And the script/unit should, theoretically, be fine across desktop environments, seeing as it’s CLI.


Perhaps something like:

Description=Play sound at startup and shutdown

ExecStart=mpg123 /path/to/some/startup_sound.mp3
ExecStop=mpg123 /path/to/some/shutdown_sound.mp3


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Linux Mint uses their Cinnamon Desktop Environment. If you want that, install our Manjaro Cinnamon Community Edition.

I wanted such function in KDE ediotion.

For example it will be nice at KDE edition.

Then read what already has been posted, this is already a KDE feature.

System Settings → Notifications → Applications: Configure → Plasma Workspace → Configure Events

Login, logout, or whatever event can be customized.

Isn’t it broken at the moment?

Why would it be?

KDE sound schemes. I’ve read many Reddit users complaining it was broken for them. It is a known bug.

Oh thank you it was not obvious to find.

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