How can I add an additional partition to Manjaro?

I have a dual boot (Win10/Manjaro Xfce or Kde sorry I don’t exactly know which one I’m using) and I wanted to add an additional partition to my existing Manjaro Linux from Windows 10. I wanted to ask weather I can move 50GiB of 59GiB free space from Windows directly from Gparted? Please ask anything you want and I’m afraid that I won’t understand some complicated questions I would be more than happy when you ask it in a simple way)

You cannot append released windows disk space directly to your Manjaro partition.

While you may be able to merge released space to the west of your Manjaro partition - it requires you to be booted on a live ISO as you cannot modify a mounted partition - and more importantly you may - for a newcomer too high a risk - be left with an unbootable system.

The reason is the complete rewrite of the root partition which in many cases modifies the GUID of the partition.

:information_source: Know your system beforehand - is it MBR or GPT partition schema?

The fail safe method is to release the space in Windows - then boot your Manjaro system and create a new partition using the free space.

Then proceed to create a mount unit for the new partition to mount on a dedicated folder - e.g. /data/games or /data/private (Don’t create beforehand - the mount unit will take care it that). Remember to change permissions on the mounted partition as the defaults is root owned and readonly to everyone else.

Learn how to do this by reading this guide

If you are familiar with mount units you jump directly to the topic on sample mount units

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From within Windows, shrink the partition using the tool Windows provides.
I wouldn’t attempt to use gparted for that.

Then you have free space to create another partition in.
That you can do in gparted.

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Thank you very much!

Appreciate your advice)

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