How can Dolphin be set to update date last modified without closing and reopening?

Hello, I’m using Qonos 21.2.1 with KDE Plasma desktop and noticed that the Dolphin file manager does not update the details of a file, such as the date and time of the last modification, when another application saves the file.

For example, if Dolphin is opened first, and then an existing document is opened in LibreOffice and subsequently edited and saved, Dolphin does not update the date last modified.

If Dolphin is closed and opened again, the date is updated to “Just Now.”

My question is, is there something I can do to make it update automatically or manually without closing Dolphin; and, if not, is the record in Dolphin with the old date still pointing to the newly updated file, such that if it is saved to a USB for backup it will always save the file with changes? It appears to save the new file and refresh the date after saving to USB but I’d like to confirm that it will always do so.

Thank you.

Press F5 or hit the “Refresh” button in the toolbar. If you do not have such a button on your toolbar, right-click the toolbar and choose “Configure Toolbars”. You can then add the button.

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Thank you, kindly. I was unaware that there were so many options available. Still rather new to Linux where so much is customizable. Also was a bit stupid when attempting to search for menu options because I tried to click in the menu area’s empty space rather than on top of a menu item, which didn’t bring up the correct context menu. Thanks again.

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