Hotspot quick access in dock or top bar

Is there a way make the hostpot button (or a h. button) available in the top bar ? it’s a bit tedious to go through to the hamburger button, activate button etc.

Extension: Tray Icons: Reloaded - GNOME Shell Extensions

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Thanks, but it doesn’t seem to be able to create buttons ?

This extension shows button in taskbar, only if the app supports Tray-icons…
I do not use hotspots - in pamac are some apps listet for…
Is this what you are looking for:

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Yes thats what I meant. So there is no way to force a normal setting as shortcut or to appear in the taskbar ?
is near your demandbut not really helpful?

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Its nearly that but one to activate a hostpot. How do you find all of this ?

Modern Computers make it posible…
Look in Pamac for:
wifiman and wifiman-indicator
you need “Tray Icons reloaded” too at: