Hotspot not working gnome 43

Heyo everyone,

I’m having issues since a recent installation of Manjaro Gnome. Before the reinstallation, I had a working hotpsot that I could active from the Gnome Settings, but had problems with hanging at startup with white underscore. After having looked around, I just decided to reinstall Manjaro completly, which solved my problem.

However, I quickly noticed that my laptop now could not connect to my phone’s hotspot (tested on 3 android devices), and my phone could not find the laptop’s hotspot, even though it was activated.

The hotspot activates itself on its own sometimes at start up , even if wifi was deactivated before shutdown or reboot.

I have tested changing to proprietary drivers, changing kernels (going back to 5.10 even) but the hotspot still does not work.

Wifi connection works, ethernet works, it’s just the hotspot that doesn’t work. I havn’t tried a different manjaro flavor, but will do in the near future.

Inxi output