Homepage resets to Manjaro.org after every restart

I am on a fresh install of xfce desktop variant for the past week or so. As stated in the title my firefox homepage is reset to manjaro.org after every reboot. I have FF sync enabled and I have been changing the homepage setting on every start. Last two times I even synced the account after making the changes. Nothing seems to help. My usual setting is default FF homepage and tabliss for new tabs. And this is synced into all my FF installs.

What is weird is that only the homepage is getting reverted(AFAIK). All my other FF settings are as it should be, so I don’t think firefox is getting updated or its settings reset for some other reason (that is one of the explanation I found on a similar post here).

Is it possible some ‘script-of sorts’ is running that could be resetting just this setting?

I honestly can’t think of any possible explanation for this behavior. Although it isn’t too much of an issue currently I am wondering what other setting is being altered that I have not yet noticed.

manjaro-browser-settings package …


I’ve never had this problem, but did a little looking and found other people have had the problem.

One suggestion was after you’ve made the change, type Ctrl-N to open a new window. It should be showing you the correct home page.

They suggested starting FF in safe-mode; Seems some addons cause problems.

Check the pref file to see if the change looks right - grep browser.startup prefs.js` (change to ff profile directory first).

Went to tabliss support page, and maybe this is it…

Tabliss is not my homepage in Firefox anymore

While many people enjoyed being greeted by Tabliss when they open Firefox, others wanted to keep their own homepage. The compromise of this is Tabliss no longer controls your homepage in Firefox, but instead provides instructions to enjoy Tabliss as your homepage, if you prefer.

To return Tabliss to your homepage:

Open the Tabliss settings
Select "Open Tabliss when Firefox starts"
Copy the URL provided (it will be unique to your browser)
Paste this URL into Firefox's homepage setting as a Custom URL
Enjoy being greeted by Tabliss once more!