Home partition question

Hello, im new to linux, i didnt know how to manually do partitioning like i do in Windows, so i just erased everything on SSD and let Manjaro install.
Now, im booted, and im even writing from the OS (very nice btw), BUT. I have another hard disk, 1TB, and i wanna know how can i make that my partition for everything but OS related? which i guess is named Home partition.
Edit : Im trying to make my HDD be the partition for Home, as my SSD is small (128 gb) so i want to use my HDD for everything else but OS

See if this helps… :wink:


completely broke the os with that guide, currently on live version from USB. :slight_smile:

If you broke your system with what I wrote in that post, then either you didn’t read it very well, or you didn’t do as I wrote, or both.


sudo telinit 1 - command not found

Use… :arrow_down:

sudo systemctl isolate rescue.target 

… instead.

now it worked, thank you

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