Highlighted text appears selected in 'save as' dialog box, but it is not editable without a mouse click on it

When I right click my mouse, say on a picture, to save the file, the ‘save as’ dialog box appears as normal with the file name highlighted in the name field (except the extension), but I cannot change it unless I click on the text in the textbox with the mouse.
Normally I should be able to hit backspace deleting the highlighted characters and simply start typing a new name and it should replace the text.
It only does this on this computer, it did it before with an older version of Manjaro and it does it now with a fresh install of Manjaro 22. Its extremely annoying, but baffling as to why it does this.
Does anyone know why I am having this problem on just a particular computer?

Sorry, can’t reproduce it. :man_shrugging:

It only happens on one particular computer, and it has had the OS reinstalled but it still does it. It must have something to do with the hardware. Maybe its just Gnome’s way of telling me to stop saving memes? Or at least stop renaming them.