High Temperatures Because of CPU Fan

Hello guys,

I recently saw that my CPU fan doesn’t always start at the same temperature. Sometimes it starts at 60C degrees, some other times it even starts at 80C.
When I was using Windows, I was playing CSGO once in a while (1-2 hours) and the temperature never went past 70C degrees.

This happens only when the CPU & RAM are on heavy load, otherwise, it stays around 40-45C degrees.

I’m using an Asus Vivobook S15 with AMD Ryzen 4700U & 16GB RAM, and it shouldn’t reach those temperatures.
I also cleaned it of dust (barely had any) and replaced the thermal paste, so this is only software.

Is it possible to configure it for some certain temperature to set a certain Fan speed?
I’m a Linux beginner so if is something more complicated, I could use some explicit steps.

Thank you!

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I dont have a lot of experience with the hardware you are using, so I cant give you a specific solution. But I can point you to some good documentation on fan speed control.. I hope this helps. Its from the Arch wiki, and it should work on Manjaro since its based on Arch. I used the info for my gpu fan.

Hello! What is the probability that your BIOS\UEFI has a “Q-FAN Control” - fan control setting? I think she should be. It seems to me that ASUS always provide this option (at least on my TUF)

please enable the aur-packages in the software-center. from there you’re able to install asus-fan-control or asus-fan-dkms-git (search for “asus” in the software-center). one of them should be compatible with your system. it’s possible that you have to edit a config-file for your exact model. for further information read the howto’s

for fan-control

for asus-fan-dkms:

there is also “perfmode” avaiable, maybe this is a better alternative. it’s also part of the software-center. refer to the infos:

Thank you all for your answers. Unfortunately, I have no such settings in BIOS.
I will start reading what you sent me and see what can I do.
Thank you once again!