High system resource usage/ lots of proccesses

Hello, I was looking at ways to speed up my manjaro system and ran ps -e | wc -l and found that there was 232 processes running! In comparison my modded windows 10 machine only uses 38.
As a new user to linux I was wondering if there was any guidance on trimming down the manjaro system.
Looking into ps -e it looked like alot of the software was related to xfce which was considered to be a lightweight desktop environment, I also chose the minimal install and removed software like bluetooth.
It also looked like alot the process was processes that I dont need to be currently using like pamac and xfce related configuration/setting programs.
While all these features are appriciated and I could go to a minimal linux build (which looks scary as a windows user), I was wondering if there are any resources or guides on lowering the system useage the manjaro operating system uses.

Uninstall and disable programs and services you don’t need.

But I think you take the non problem by the wrong side.

Do you see abnormal resources usage for real? What are you calling “high system resources usage”?

Hi, thanks for the help, Im using the minimal install so uninstalling programs and services further could maybe interfer with core components to xfce and break the system which is why im unsure.
The system uses a large amount of proccesses which is unsual for the installation, so im unsure how to proceed in reducing the system load.

Why do you say it is unusual?

But that is my question, do you see unusual system load? You say the system use a large amount of process but this is not really relevant, this may be perfectly normal.

Check system resources usage in htop program for example, do you see issue?
Or do you just want to have 0 process running in the background? Because if this is what you want this is not gonna work for you. The number of process is not really relevant you can’t have no background tasks in the background, this is your system working normally.

If you’re unsure if you can remove a program or a service, look for what it is, what it does, and if it is required for the system, or for something specific, there is no guide for that as each one has different needs.

Just checked htop and it shows 50 tasks, maybe such a large number of background processes is normal then.
I will go ahead with your advice and try removing these core components while making constant backups in case anything breaks

Stop looking at number of processes, this is my point, this is irrelevant. htop will show you what is running on the system, but also resource usage, CPU, memory. Do you see something abnormal there?

You can have one process eating all resources, or one thousand not doing anything. If your concern is the number of processes running, this is not a “problem” to have many processes running, this is the system working.

PS: I did not advised you to remove core component at all. I said “If you’re unsure if you can remove a program or a service, look for what it is, what it does, and if it is required for the system, or for something specific” then you know if you can or could remove something.

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