High SSD Power Consumption and Temperature

I installed Manjaro KDE on my Dell Inspiron 5406 (2in1) and immediately noticed very high (and unusual) temperatures on my NVMe SSD from KIOXIA. On elementary os and Xubuntu it never got over 30-35 C, but on manjaro it goes up to 70 in less than two minutes after startup, and I can’t get more than three our of battery life (CPU isn’t the problem, I capped the power consumption down to 10% from TLP, previously this could get me to 8-10 hours of battery life on very low screen brightness and offline work). I checked with iotop and nothing seems to access the disk frequently and at substantial speeds, then I tried enableing trim, changed three kernels (5.13, 5.15 and 5.16) but it didn’t anything, and I couldn’t find anything online that could help with my specific problem… I found a thread about a macbook having a similar issue stating that some file systems need some time to stabilize because of some operations that speed up the formatting process, but that ended there…

First check if there’s something flooding the journal (journalctl -b). Then check if something is using the disk (like baloo) with iotop.

Lastly, you can set the sata power consumption to a lower level with tlp. You can install tlpui to get a better view of the config options.

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