High Res Display at Ten Feet Too Tiny on First Install: How to Adjust

My first Manjaro install on an old PC to be used for controlling a big screen high res TV and all the fonts and icons and chrome are too small and skinny. Fixing this on MX Linux was a month long process of tweaking everything. I’ve started tweaking on Manjaro and the amazing thing is, when I think “where would that setting be?” I go there and THERE IT IS. Great. I’ve made partial progress, but, for example, I can’t see how to resize or change icons and fonts on the application menu. I also need to adjust Firefox. I know a few tweaks but is there a way that Manjaro can fix this for all the apps.
I just wanted to check if there was a complete tutorial I could read and save for reference or if there is some god-mode setting (like global fonts) I missed that fixes everything at once.

I retried the Global Scale setting and now it affects the app menu and apparently everything else. I set it to 125% and I set the Firefox layout.css.devPixelsPerPx to 1.25. Those two settings seem to be enough.


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