High memory usage on idle?


I am wondering why memory usage on my XFCE on almost idle is around 2.3G. I only have a web browser open (and task manager), but i don’t understand why mem usage is ~2G for such a simple case. Yes there might be other hidden systems running in the background (which are part of OS), but I though XFCE was a light desktop, so 2G is quite extreme imo. Maybe it’s something on my PC, but i can’t figure out why (i assume biggest contribution is from browser). Any ideas if this is normal?


Hello @Mint :wink:

I would rather think that the additional RAM usage is the cache. Linux prefers to use as much RAM as possible for caching so that it reads from the RAM which is faster and not from the disk (wasted RAM is useless RAM). I guess there is an option on the taskmanager to exclude the cache.

Could you check it with:

LANG=C free -h

on the terminal?



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You can click on the RSS tab in the task manager to see which apps are consuming high amount of memory. I can see that waterfox is running.

Can you post the output of top on console ?

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