Hide the mouse cursor immediately on boot until mouse is moved

Hey there, I’ve done some searching on some other forums and around here but can’t seem to find something that 100% fits my needs.

I have a project PC that boots immediately into a game and needs to have no visible UI elements until when I need them. I’ve already sorted login screens and task bars and the lot, but what I’m currently stuck on is hiding the mouse cursor. The best I’ve gotten is that the mouse comes up then after a couple seconds it goes away while using unclutter, but I need it invisible from the get go.

I’ve tried following some stuff regarding making custom invisible cursors but I guess at some point in following those guides they all fell flat in actually working. I’ve seen people with issues in KDE where their mouse is invisible entirely and to that I am somewhat jealous because that’s 95% of what I need. The last 5% being that I want it to appear once I’ve moved the mouse because on the initial startup I want everything to be clear for presentation purposes.

As a heads up I am not very well versed in a lot of Linux stuff. I know a little bit, enough to scrape by, but I usually rely on my friend who is an absolute saint since he walks me through stuff step by step no matter how oblivious or stupid I am sometimes. That being said I am trying to be less reliant on them and be more resourceful/independent since I don’t want to be a constant annoyance.

Is this too niche an issue or is it possible? I greatly appreciate anybody patient enough to help me fumble through this.

You can try doing a script,like

unclutter -idle 0.01

save it as hide.sh then on KDE System Settings search for autostart and add a login script and search for the script you made,reboot to see if it works.

It definitely makes it faster, however it still shows the mouse on start for a brief moment before it loads the script. I read somewhere there was an option to do something with X11 but I got lost when trying to follow along. One of my friends suggested Plymouth but didn’t really expand beyond saying “Hey check this out”. Looks interesting but also a bit overkill for my needs.