Hibiscus cannot be installed - one or more pgp signatures could not be verified

When trying to install the Hibiscus banking program, which is only available from the AUR repository, you get an error saying that one or more pgp signatures could not be verified.
Updating the signature keyrings as well as installing base-devel, which was recommended somewhere, did not solve the problem.

The workaround solution is

  1. Install Jameica using either flatpak or AUR. If you choose AUR (Archlinux), then select jdk-openjdk-21 in the installation routine.
  2. Then start jameica and if you are asked, choose your preferred folder for your user data.
  3. In Jameica itself, go to plugins and install the Hibiscus plugin.

Then it works. It took me quite some time to find this simple solution, because once before it worked by simply installing Hibiscus directly through pamac.

Good luck with it!

Probably because those two things have nothing to do with the actual problem of adding the key into gpg keyring.

You are wrong. It did not work before doing this as well. And because there is a signature key problem it sometimes helps to update it.

The solution you find right on the top.

Doing what? Your post is bunch of nonsense stuck together. Provide actual logs next time.

You said:

And solution to that is exactly what I told you.

Banking software from the AUR… :money_mouth_face:

Linux versions are available straight from the developer. He also offers a ‘All-in-one-download’ that includes Java, Jameica, Hibiscus and developer-addons.

The key exists on the keyserver and is valid. See: