HIbernation problems

I’m running Manjaro on a MacBook Pro. If I manually put the computer to sleep via the Application Launcher, then waking up will have a problem. But if I just leave the computer alone for a few minutes, then the computer will black out as if it’s sleeping, but will come back to life when I move the mouse or hit a key.

I checked the System Settings and see that it’s dimming the screen after x minutes, and then “switch off after” x minutes.

What’s really happening with “switching off” vs hibernating? Does switching off save any energy, even if not a lot when comparing to hibernating?

How do I set it so that SLEEPING becomes SWITCHING OFF?

Hi. I don’t think I can answer all your questions. I do know that putting your machine in sleep mode will use slightly more energy than hibernation & switching off will use the least - zero, unless it is plugged in.

Personally, I never bothered to set up my machine with the hibernation capability when I installed Manjaro on it 3 years ago.

Are you trying to save energy or have your machine wake up & be ready, quicker, when you need it? Sorry I can’t be more help. I’m impressed you are running Manjaro on your MB Pro. Kudos to you!

I would suggest you experiment with settings, until you get it the way you want it. I’m not sure you can set it to sleep after X minutes and then switch off

Ruziel :slight_smile:

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