Hi I'm a newbie to Manjaro and require help after installation as the clock is an hour out?

Hi I’ve just started to use XCFE Manjaro which looks good and easy to use. The only thing I’m really struggling with is the digital clock and the local time setting is showing that its one hour out. Have tried everything to rectify it. I’m a long time user of Linux Operating system’s and have installed varying one’s in the past. I’m not using a dual boot just this one.
When i try to use the Manjaro settings manager > time and date and experiment with all the auto settings or time corrections nothing works. Its set for the Greenwich time zone. Is there anyway of reinstalling the clock in general as it fails to cooperate with anything i do. The time now is 14.20pm and its showing 13.20pm trust me i’ve been fighting with it and it feels like hours have just gone! The bottom three tick boxes one mentioning daylight saving time is just fixed rigid and won’t budge.
I installed and fully burned XCFE over KDE which was there originally.
With my wifi turned on the digital clock only started to go wrong after i downloaded some software packages using the Worldwide server. Then when i went to use my browser - Firefox said no access to the web and i saw the error mentioning time to far ahead in the future!??

Secondly does anybody know how i can install a scanner for a Samsung printer scanner Xpress M2070?
Hope you can help.

You installed XFCE over a KDE installation? I mean you installed a full XFCE desktop fresh by deleting the whole drive, or you installed XFCE desktop packages over a full KDE desktop installation?

Also one thread = one issue or else it is chaos. //EDIT: but it seems this is what you’re looking for: AUR (en) - samsung-unified-driver install this from an AUR helper like Pamac (after you enable the AUR in its settings) or any other AUR helper (paru, yay, and so on…)

Thanks for your reply. It was a full XCFE install by deleting the whole drive selection.

OK so KDE is irrelevant here mentioning it is just confusing.

I don’t use XFCE so I can’t direct you, however I’m pretty sure you can tick a box to automatically adjust time based off the Time Zone specified, in all Manjaro desktops edition.

Yes it’s set to automatic adjust. Thanks for the driver pointer.

Then if time is wrong you surely have a wrong TimeZone, or another setting is wrong?

The time zone is set for Greenwich and i’m in England.

What if you set it to London?

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Have already tried that but there was no London option available. Will just take another look.

Don’t set it to Greenwich. pretty sure Greenwich Time Zone doesn’t use the DST time. Your time zone is London not Greenwich.

//EDIT: here is a post that explains how to change the date from terminal How do I set time manually - #4 by JustAnotherStrange

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I’ve set it to London and applied my password. It didn’t work so i tried to untick the hardware clock in local time zone and pressed apply but there was no response from the time and date app. It just seems unresponsive. Do you thick it could be something to do with the battery in the pc?

Nothing more I can do then.

Just one more thing is it possible i could have downloaded like a virus from the Linux Worldwide server?

Do you know where the Add user is? I’m using the Admin account as a direct boot login and would like to figure out how to change that one to a standard account. Will i have to create another Admin account for security i’m not really sure what to do first?

Stop i’ve just solved the main problem with the time an hour wrong – i right clicked the digital clock to find properties in Timezone there was GB-Eire so i set that and nothing happened so i went back to settings > Manjaro settings manager > Time and date then unticked hardware in local time zone and from there i changed the timezone to GB-Eire. Originally i used Greenwich time which didn’t work so the problem exists because the Time and Date App either has Greenwich not input correctly or two other possibilities – GB-Eire is the only one working in the App or there’s a conflict somewhere with the App having two values within the same timezone. Surely somebody’s got to take a look hope this helps. I’m not sure but i think i even saw GB by itself as a setting. Its confusing for first time Users!! Many thanks for your helpful guidance. Problem close to being solved. Thanks for your speedy advice too.

I’m marking this thread as solved on the basis that you already solved the issue on this topic.

Best way to do this is via CLI. I recommend you check out the manual page for useradd

man useradd

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Issue on this thread is resolved. Open a new thread if you’re having new issues.