Hi, guys,how can i close an app with a shortcut?

Just like alt + f4 in windows platform :sweat_smile:

i have tried ctrl + q,it doesn’t work.

ALT + F4 works on XFCE, but not on KDE?

Alt-F4 works. When you click the window menu icon that is on a Title bar (not all windows have Title bars these days), it will show Close Alt+F4.

In addition, System Settings > Shortcuts > Standard Shortcuts, and then type in Close. Standard shortcuts may be the shortcut for a plasma application.

Otherwise, in any plasma application, you can view/change shortcuts via
App > Settings > Configure Keyboard Shortcuts

If you have a traditional main menu in a plasma app, hover over the menu to expand it and the shortcuts will be displayed next to the menu item.

KDE Doc:
This documentation is local, too. Just type help in your KDE Start Menu Search textbox, or in any plasma application click the menu item Help and then click the Contents tab. Type common keyboard shortcuts in the Search textbox.

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@kimyzz if ctrl+ q didn’t work, you can use ctrl+shift+q

Thanks,it works.

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