HEVC decoding with Nvidia 450 driver [SOLVED]

After the recent update and the same upgrade issue from 440 to 450 most people have had, the system is up and stable with the 450 driver. In games and applications, it works great. No issues at all.

However, HEVC decoding (haven’t testet encoding as its not in my workflow) is broken. I have a Jellyfin server on my Unraid box, and it transcodes all my HEVC content to H264. Before the august 16th update, it worked flawlessly with the old 440 driver. However, after that update it broke and people said that the 450 driver would fix it. It hasn’t for me though. I’ve done the nvidia-modprobe command, with no effect. Kernel 5.7. All the 440 related files are removed from the system. Anyone else have the same issue or have gotten it to work?

Could you try a LTS kernel?

Tried rebooting into the 5.4.58-1 LTS kernel. No effect. Also tried installing 5.8.1-3. Same negative result. Feel like I am at my wits end with this. Can anyone else confirm it’s working for them?

I discovered something new. When playing the same file through MPV, the decoding is actually handled by the GPU. So seems it’s a Firefox issue, not a driver issue. Well that’s a step in the right direction at least. Strange that I was getting hardware decoding before and now it’s broken. Marking this as solved for now since it’s not a driver issue and it belongs somewhere else.

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