Help with virtualbox-guest-utils on openrc

I am trying Artix openrc in a vm with manjaro host. Guest resizing work without any issue on both manjaro and eos in vm and for arch one has to install virtualbox-guest-utils and enable the service vboxservice. I am not able to acheive this in openrc or runit. Please help. Nobody replying here:

So, this is an arch problem on an unsupported setup? Or am I misunderstanding your issue?

I think this is outside of this forum range things something words hard uh

Check this VirtualBox - Gentoo Wiki

Seems so. As he said, he’s running Manjaro (host) with Artix OpenRC (guest) in a VM. :wink:

I don’t know if vboxservice existi as a virtualbox service - for what I remember it is a Arch thing - to load the modules required.

You will have to verify if VirtualBox supports anything but systemd.

If you find openrc supported then insert the VirtualBox guest iso into the virtual machine.

Then open a terminal and switch execute the installer script located on the iso.

From Gentoo WIKI:
When using OpenRC, make guest additions start across reboots:

root # rc-update add virtualbox-guest-additions default

As well as the D-Bus service:

root # rc-update add dbus default

yes the vboxservice is just loading some important modules at boot time. In artix I installed virtualbox-guest-utils and installed a service to /lib/systemd/system. One can translate this systemd stuff to openrc by making a script in /etc/init.d and loding modules from /etc/modules-load.d/. Unfortunately it’s still not working. This is what every “I hate soystemd” person was telling for years and now I realize why he/she is are correct. You cannot get the virtual box guest auto resize in a non-systemd distro. I have tried hundred of ways but it isn’t possible. Not with runit not with openrc. This really sucks. Get ready for a systemd kernel. Hours of research to know why systemd sucks :face_exhaling:

I will still try if virt-manager helps or not but as for virtualbox it doesn’t work in non-systemd.

I will still try if virt-manager helps or not but as for virtualbox it doesn’t work in non-systemd.

I like SystemD

That doesn’t mean systemd is bad.

And the response to your non manjaro related issue with an unsupported distribution in a virtual machine is out of courtesy.

So please stop the bashing …

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