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Hello, so I’ve been using Termite recently (just move from urxvt for a specific reason). And I just notice whenever I run neofetch, the logo colors are differ each other. Like its gray on urxvt and yellow on Termite. Also, whenever I run cmatrix on those 2 terminal, there is also a difference, gray background on urxvt and yellow background on Termite.

How do I solve this? I remember when I use xfce, the Manjaro logo was green on neofetch and whenever I run cmatrix, the background color didnt change (still on color with my terminal). Been searching over the internet and got no clue.

p.s English isnt my native, sorry.

Have you configured termite to use the same color scheme urxvt does?

termite looks for configurations in ~/.config/termite/config. Colors are specified in the [colors] section of the file.

Have a look at the Arch Wiki:

On the other hand the color scheme for urxvt is specified in the ~/.Xresources file. You can use that file as a reference to configure the colors in termite.


Wow It work! I never knew this color 0 - 15 is matter. Thanks a lot!

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