Help with "target not found: youtube-dl" preventing from update/install

I am a Manjaro user in portuguese.

I recently installed Manjaro from scratch, and today, when trying to install or uninstall any program from the official repository, the message "alvo não encontrado: youtube-dl " appears. Honestly, I don’t remember installing anything related to Youtube. Now, I can only install programs via flatpak. The last app update, I believe, was miscrosft-edge-stable-bin (last modification today, 11/11/2023). Could this be the problem? What is the command to uninstall manually?

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youtube-dl is no longer in the repositories and hasn’t been updated anymore since June. It is now superseded by yt-dlp. Just uninstall it and update your system.


sudo pacman -R youtube-dl && sudo pacman -Syu
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