Help with setting up Epson L385 Printer

I have a printer that needs a specific driver. The manufacturer provides only .deb and .rpm packages. How do I install this
Thanks in advance

Have you checked to see if the driver is available from the AUR?

Many AUR packages are built from .deb and .rpm archives. Epson printer drivers seem to use both

It might also help to check what drivers are recommended for your specific printer model at:

Looking it up on openprinting didn’t turn up anything. My printer is the Epson L385 if that helps

According to your model you need this driver from the AUR for printing:

pamac build epson-inkjet-printer-escpr

For scanning support install the imagesan package:

sudo pacman -S imagescan

Gave me this error

Error: target not found: epson-inkjet-printer-escpr

edit:Oops, forgot sudo

Now it gives me a different error ‘Failed to add printer’

You don’t need sudo with pamac. I wonder why it worked with only sudo thought :thinking:

Install system-config-printer package and see Printing - Manjaro.

Just got around to doing it, it works perfectly. Thanks for your help.

Title edited to reflect real problem.

How to install .deb or .rpm printer drivers → Help with setting up Epson L385 Printer

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