Help with resolving an interrupted update - cannot boot

I was upgrading my apps and the light went out and its showing.I turned it off and on and it still showing this

boot a live system - boot the medium you used to install the system, for instance
chroot into the system
and re-run the interrupted update

I cant find the medium and it wont and wont move from that screen and its a hp windows 8

not much chance without that :man_shrugging:

most things can be done without it - but not this one

any bootable linux will do … does not need to be Manjaro

I guess you don’t have a backup to restore from?

Is there any other way like puting a other os on it

didn’t you say windows 8 was on it?

you need an installation medium for any OS - be it linux or windows …

What i said was a mistake its manjro on but i dont know the vrision i was upgrading the applications on the manjro os

the version doesn’t matter

not even the distribution does matter - it could be 10 years old Ubuntu or Fedora or whatever

you just need to boot any Linux in order to get to your system and fix the interrupted update

Ok thanks

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Please edit your topic title to clearly state what you need help with.

Please see:

Does it happe right after you plug in the thumbdrive or do you have to go to storage

Does it happen right after you plug in the thumbdrive or do you hav to go to storage

Does WHAT happen?

Are you asking how to boot using a bootable thumbdrive?

Does the boot happen right away or do you have to exicute

You did not answer the question above.

How did you install your system?
Or did you not do that yourself?

I’m happy writing more words not telling you what to do than I’d have to write to explain it to you.
Look up how to boot from a bootable medium yourself please.

Had to take a shower one of my friends did it with a cd he as multiply should i get one

Have your friend explain to you what needs to be done to repair your system or have him/her do it for you.
Your friend can teach you better than I will.
I hope he/she can …

Or read and find out - keywords include manjaro-chroot or just chroot.