Help with Nautilus theming

Hi all,

I’ve been experimenting with theming today and I’m having an issue with Nautilus, I’m trying to replicate what is in the screenshot on the Nordic Polar theme github:

However my sidebar looks all squished, my top nav has quite a bit of padding (top and bottom), and when I select a file the text goes white and there is no background selection colour (making it difficult to read):

Simmilar thing in the settings for a lot of apps things look squished together:

Does anyone have any idea where I might go about tweaking these setting? is there are easy way to undo any Manjaro specific customisations that might be interfering?

I used the gnome tweaks/extensions apps to help change the theme, I’ve also tried uninstalling manjaro-gdm-branding, manjaro-gnome-settings, and manjaro-gnome-extensions-settings. I’ve renamed the ~/.config/dconf and ~/.gnome to ~/.config/dconf.bak and ~/.gnome.bak but that didn’t help.

Not very experienced with theming so any help would be appreciated.

install gnome-tweaks and try playing with font and icon sizes.