Help with MPEG-1 playing visual novels

I downloaded a visual novel installed japanese locales and everything but when I try to run it it shows the following error

Failed to create MPEG 1 splitter filter object. : [0x8007000E] Error: 0x8007000e
14:14:50 trace : parser.wtjs(358)[(function) GetTagload] <-- effectobject.wtjs(740)[(function) TransCheck] <-- event
14:14:54 (info) CPU clock : 1895.7MHz
14:15:23 (info) Rebuilding Auto Path Table ...
14:15:23 (info) Total 3909 file(s) found, 3899 file(s) activated. (14ms)
14:15:23 V2Unlink
14:15:23 AllUnregist:0
14:15:23 AllUnregist:1
14:15:23 BeginUnregistClass: Steam
14:15:23   RemoveClassInfo: Steam
14:15:23 EndUnregistClass: Steam
14:15:23 AllUnregist:2

the image is attached for further reference
when I tried to run it via lutris it returns the same error
any help is accepted thank you

You probably want gst-libav and lib32-gst-libav (AUR).