Help with making Mouse Control/gestures replicate complex actions

For a long time now I’ve used ‘easystroke’ for mouse gestures on X (drawing a line with Xshape as it goes) . However, it’s getting old - and the line drawing has started bugging out so I decided to transfer my gestures and stop relying on it so heavily for my Linux experience.

For the most part, simply ‘drawing’ gestures are easy to manage in KWin and I use my RMB to draw the gestures and do stuff…

However, for moving/resizing windows I was able to use my SIDE buttons - specifically pressing Button 8 grabs a window to move it, and I can hold down Button 9 to resize…

Additionally by pressing the RMB and scrolling the mousewheel up/down. It’s a modification of ‘rocker gestures’ I learned from Opera browser many moons ago… and definitely a very desirable feature to avoid needing to mouse over the tabs to scroll them.

So, in short, there are two major issues.

  1. Make Mouse buttons 7 and 8 do ‘move/resize windows’.
  2. Pressing RMB makes the mousewheel scroll tabs.

Any clues?