Help with GPIO Pins


I’m using an Rpi 4 with Manjaro Gnome and python to try a get a button to work.
I went to create a test script for my button, so when I push it it prints a message to the screen but I get module errors.

Here’s what I did. I downloaded python-raspberry-gpio and python-gpiozero from the add/remove software (Manjaro App Store) But when I try:
import RPi.GPIO as GPIO
I get an error saying there is no module RPI.GPIO

Why is that and how can I fix it?

Thanks in advance.

I also tried everything here with no luck.

This was the code I used (I found it off the internet)

import RPi.GPIO as GPIO # Import Raspberry Pi GPIO library
GPIO.setwarnings(False) # Ignore warning for now
GPIO.setmode(GPIO.BOARD) # Use physical pin numbering
GPIO.setup(10, GPIO.IN, pull_up_down=GPIO.PUD_DOWN) # Set pin 10 to be an input pin and set initial value to be pulled low (off)

while True: # Run forever
    if GPIO.input(10) == GPIO.HIGH:
        print("Button was pushed!")

Have you try AUR (en) - python-rpi-gpio ?
I used to use it even the project is not too reactive

The latest stable release of the RPi.GPIO python module is 0.7.0, which was released almost 2 years ago.

The AUR package that @Dulbi linked above is indeed newer, but it’s an alpha release, so be aware of that.

The one which comes with the AUR package is 0.7.1a4 and almost 1 year old (2021-03-01).
According to the Change Log, you get a

Better RPi board + peri_addr detection (issue 190 / 191)

As I said it was not too reactive and you can wait a long time before HW detection change on the code when new device appears. But, I used to used it and AFAIK it worked.

So I did:

git clone 

cd python-rpi-gpio

makepkg -si 

And got:

Error: Failure while downloading

Am I doing something wrong?

Why don’t you use pamac to install it ?

pamac install python-rpi-gpio

You’re right the source was not available (sourceforce cache retention ?). If I use the sourceforge web interface and generate the snapshot and get the same. Now, it seems to be ok:

Could you please try again ?

Is there an alternative I can use then?

Could you please try again ?

Did the makepkg -si again and got Error: One or more files did not pass the validity check!

The sha256sum is wrong it’s


you cand edit the PKGBUILD with this value or ‘SKIP’

How would I do that? I’m kinda new at this.

Thanks for the help by the way. It’s much appreciated.

If you git clone the repo, just use a text editor (nano or vi) to edit the PKGUILD file with this new entry.

If you use pamac, the command with prompt if you want to edit it directly.

Thanks. It worked. I’ll I’ll try importing it in my python script and see how that goes.

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Well good news, there’s no import error. I just have to run my python script as root.

Now I’m trying to figure out if it’s my button that’s not working or my script, because when I push the button, nothing happens.

Good to know.
Did you enable SPI? I guess that the protocol needed for that pin SPI0: MOSI (GPIO10) ?

lsmod | grep spi_

No. How do I enable SPI0? (Or another pin for that matter. Still can’t get them to work)

What did you get from “lsmod” ?

I guess you can add the following line to /boot/config.txt


And reboot.

Please, check with lsmod after the reboot.

Edit: spaces removed

This is what I got from lsmod after adding dtparam = spi = on to the boot config text:

Module                  Size  Used by
rfcomm                 53248  4
snd_seq_dummy          16384  0
snd_hrtimer            16384  1
snd_seq                86016  7 snd_seq_dummy
snd_seq_device         20480  1 snd_seq
cmac                   16384  2
algif_hash             20480  1
algif_skcipher         20480  1
af_alg                 32768  6 algif_hash,algif_skcipher
bnep                   28672  2
hci_uart               49152  1
btbcm                  24576  1 hci_uart
bluetooth             479232  33 hci_uart,btbcm,bnep,rfcomm
ecdh_generic           16384  1 bluetooth
ecc                    32768  1 ecdh_generic
evdev                  24576  7
joydev                 28672  0
zram                   28672  1
zsmalloc               36864  1 zram
brcmfmac              323584  0
brcmutil               24576  1 brcmfmac
sha256_generic         16384  0
sha256_arm64           28672  0
cfg80211              868352  1 brcmfmac
bcm2835_isp            32768  0
bcm2835_codec          49152  0
rfkill                 36864  8 bluetooth,cfg80211
bcm2835_v4l2           45056  0
bcm2835_mmal_vchiq     40960  3 bcm2835_codec,bcm2835_v4l2,bcm2835_isp
v4l2_mem2mem           40960  1 bcm2835_codec
videobuf2_vmalloc      20480  1 bcm2835_v4l2
videobuf2_dma_contig    24576  2 bcm2835_codec,bcm2835_isp
videobuf2_memops       20480  2 videobuf2_vmalloc,videobuf2_dma_contig
videobuf2_v4l2         32768  4 bcm2835_codec,bcm2835_v4l2,v4l2_mem2mem,bcm2835_isp
videobuf2_common       61440  5 bcm2835_codec,videobuf2_v4l2,bcm2835_v4l2,v4l2_mem2mem,bcm2835_isp
videodev              311296  6 bcm2835_codec,videobuf2_v4l2,bcm2835_v4l2,videobuf2_common,v4l2_mem2mem,bcm2835_isp
v3d                    81920  3
mc                     61440  6 videodev,bcm2835_codec,videobuf2_v4l2,videobuf2_common,v4l2_mem2mem,bcm2835_isp
snd_bcm2835            28672  2
rpivid_mem             16384  0
raspberrypi_hwmon      16384  0
gpu_sched              45056  1 v3d
crct10dif_ce           20480  1
vc_sm_cma              36864  2 bcm2835_mmal_vchiq,bcm2835_isp
uio_pdrv_genirq        16384  0
nvmem_rmem             16384  0
uio                    24576  1 uio_pdrv_genirq
sch_fq_codel           20480  7
binfmt_misc            24576  1
crypto_user            16384  0
fuse                  135168  3
ip_tables              32768  0
x_tables               40960  1 ip_tables
ipv6                  536576  140
vc4                   282624  14
snd_soc_core          237568  1 vc4
snd_compress           20480  1 snd_soc_core
snd_pcm_dmaengine      20480  1 snd_soc_core
snd_pcm               139264  4 snd_bcm2835,snd_compress,snd_soc_core,snd_pcm_dmaengine
snd_timer              36864  3 snd_seq,snd_hrtimer,snd_pcm
snd                    98304  13 snd_seq,snd_seq_device,snd_bcm2835,snd_timer,snd_compress,snd_soc_core,snd_pcm
drm_kms_helper        253952  3 vc4
syscopyarea            16384  1 drm_kms_helper
sysfillrect            16384  1 drm_kms_helper
sysimgblt              16384  1 drm_kms_helper
fb_sys_fops            16384  1 drm_kms_helper
drm                   565248  11 gpu_sched,drm_kms_helper,v3d,vc4
drm_panel_orientation_quirks    24576  1 drm
backlight              20480  1 drm
cec                    73728  1 vc4

:thinking: not good.

Could you please show us the result of the following command

dmesg | grep -i spi

No spaces. dtparam=spi=on