Help with "Error opening terminal: foot." on RockPro64

On my RockPro64 running 5.16.2-4-Manjaro Arm, Sway 21.12
Opened a new terminal.
SSH’d into a separate Debian server as sudo user.
Attempted “sudo nano …”
Received error message: “Error opening terminal: foot.”

I did the above on my macOS Terminal without any issues.

Any ideas on the problem?


depending on the version of the Linux operating system you are SSH into, it might not know about the foot terminal and misses the corresponding term-info section (file). You can find more details here: #718 - Preferred way of dealing with the absence of `foot-terminfo` - foot -

Recent versions of Ubuntu, Debian & Co. should have a foot-terminfo in their repositories, but for older versions you may have to copy a file to the /usr/share/terminfo folder manually.