Help with crazy keyboard shortcuts


I recently did a fresh install of manjaro on a new laptop, I recently noticed that “capslock” key messes with my screen brightness.

to be precise, capslock lowers screen brightness by 5% when I release the key, “screen brightness down” lowers it by 10% and “screen brightness up” raises it by 10%. I guess my screen brightness keys also change brightness once on push and once again on release

I got to plasma’s shortcuts and keyboard layout, but everything looks fine there. I did a workaround by binding capslock to increase brightness so it raises by 5% and instantly lowers by 5% so it has almost no effect.

Do you have any idea about how I could fix it properly ?

Manjaro Settings Manager > Keyboard

Is it set to what seems a reasonable profile?

It is, I tried to switch from “Generic 104 key” to “ASUS Laptop” but it did not really change anything