Help with checkrebuild results

Thanks to the Manjaro Team for this update! Since I have seen during the update checking which packages need to be rebuilt: foreign orage, foreign zotero, I have launched:

checkrebuild -v
foreign	orage
foreign	zotero

ldd /usr/lib/zotero/plugin-container => not found

ldd /usr/lib/zotero/ => not found => not found => not found => not found

ldd /usr/lib/zotero/ => not found

ldd /usr/lib/zotero/ => not found

ldd /usr/lib/xfce4/panel/plugins/ => not found

The part concerning Zotero seems to be normal, since it is a binary package. What should I do regarding orage?
Thanks for your attention!

Hi @Killi,

AFAIK you only need to rebuild it.

sudo pamac build orange

Or that’s all I had to do anyway.

Hope this helps.

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Thanks @Mirdarthos! I have not tested sudo pamac build orage since pamac rebuild is apparently to be used only for AUR packages which is not the case of orage (you probably made a typo writing orange instead of it). Does someone have another idea?
Thanks again!

Hi @Killi,

You are correct about the typo. I also do not know about orange then. I’m guessing it needs to be reinstalled, though.

But all the best in finding someone who does know and not guess.

there is no such package orage in repo and aur may be installed by hand ?

edit: package is orphaned in AUR
aur/orage-4.10 4.10.0-2 (+1 0.59) (Orphaned)

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Orage is not part of Xfce anymore. v4.16 dropped it so it’s not even a dependency. You can safely remove it and replace it with another calendar software, in case you need it.

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Thanks @pgomezase , @phush0 and @Mirdarthos for your help! As @pgomezase rightly wrote, I have removed it by launching sudo pacman -Rsu orage and do not have it listed in checkrebuild any more! Thanks


Thank for the tip for the favorites in the whisker menu @moana ! Since it has also worked for @vvoss and @Armag67, I have wrote this line and save it the ~/.config/xfce4/panel/whiskermenu-8.rc file. After that nothing appears when I open the whisker menu. So I have rebooted my computer and nothing appears. I wrote it and second time and made sure that the file was saved. I rebooted once more and my favorites are still absent when I open the whisker menu. So I reopened the ~/.config/xfce4/panel/whiskermenu-8.rc file, and the favorites= line is empty after the equal sign… Does anyone have an idea how to solve it or why the favorites lines somehow “deletes itself”.
Thanks for your attention!

That’s very odd.
Maybe try adding something manually and see if it persist?

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Thanks @moana ! I have followed what @ddeberhar advised and it works for me now!

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