Help to setup 2nd HDD as Storage

I recently installed Manjaro KDE on a new SSD. I put the old HDD in a caddy in place of the optical drive (removed the optical drive) to use as storage. I formatted the drive but now I am unable to do anything on this drive. I can’t create new folders not paste any files.

What am I doing wrong? On my Win 10 rig I have a SSD for the OS and applications and a 2TB HDD for storage. I want to replicate the same setup. I assumed it would be simple but isn’t. How do I go about doing that?


I think you have to change the ownership of the drive, something like:

sudo chown username:username /path/to/mount

Also it would be handy to automount the device in your /etc/fstab

This howto covers mounting and permissions:

Got it. Done. Works now.


You can use systemd to mount your device like the 2nd post suggests. I prefer the fstab method because it’s much simpler.