Help to reset theme , i was install theme on terminal

Please help me , how to reset default theme on manjaro gnome,i was install theme on terminal from github , but not according to ekpectation

You might need to be a bit more verbose … what exactly did you do?
Similarly … what desktop is it? You tagged multiple. :thinking:

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Sorry, but your post is …

Please help us help you. See:

If you run Gnome (as given in your profile data) then open a terminal and run

dconf reset -f /org/gnome/

Afterwards, reboot.

Whoah, that’s a bit extreme. We don’t even know what exactly happened yet. :wink:

Pliss , can you help me how to reset default , because thme is so bad , i was install on terminal , i found that theme form github

Read what others posted and answer their questions? Otherwise we can’t help you.

Thnkyou bro solved

@Riss Since you did not even bother telling us what you actually did, a random guess from a helpful volunteer accidently solved the issue. Effectively, you used a sledgehammer when all you needed were tweezers.

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