Help to choose partition root

I am Root partition in Ext4 format and Luks mode
I wanted to know to format BTRFS better because I see new that all installed on BTRFS

See the section How-To Convert an ext2/3/4 filesystem in a BTRFS system in [HowTo] Btrfs and Snapper

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My boot partition is in the root. Is it better to be separately in the correct format ext4

I have no idea - I use only ext4.

Btrfs have features ext4 doesn’t, though depending on your use case, they may not be needed.

AFAIK the file system of the root partition has negligible incidence.

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Thanks for the reply
I decided to convert ext4 to btrfs

Will the next mount be converted to btrfs with this command?

mount /dev/sdXN /mnt
btrfs subvolume list /mnt

I didn’t realize that did you create or convert partitions?

For me all in an Ext4 partition luks (boot/home,…)
Do I need to make a separate Home and such a separate partition for boot

Also,I am not familiar with mount options at all, please someone write the mount option for root and swap file.
Meanwhile, I don’t want to use snapshot

He created a backup like copying his important data to another partition or hard drive, then removed old Ext4 partitions and created new Btrfs partitions, then copied the data back.

I recommend you create a new VM with snapshot capability and learn how to setup and test Btrfs.

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