Help Testing 24.0 Release Candidates

xfce again :ok_hand:

However what’s the difference in this iso comparing 23.1.4 testing ?


The repo package set - various workarounds to ensure/help/assist with kms configuration for Nvidia - the hard work in finding best middleground solutions to various installaltion and sync issues.

Please see the links to gitlab in origial topic.

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no anymore microcode in the mkinitcpio of this iso?

See here:

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A new set of ISOs. Hello should have now the propper release notes.

arghhh, deed the install Friday with 20240509 release cause


Well, I added another one which should fix HiDPI scaling in the installer: Release 202405120913 · manjaro/release-review · GitHub

Expectations are rarely met - especially in the last minutes of the race … we have been extraordinary OBS on the quality as there is huge changes with Plasma … and the team has been stretched thin with this snap …

Arch is doing icu rebuilds and a host of bugfixes in Plasma 6.0.5 coming in a little over a week from now.
The timing, if manjaro stable under-shoots this slightly, would be a bit poor.

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I would still stick to the plan to release on Monday. Because in a week there might be something new again what would demand a delay or maybe Arch needs longer for 6.0.5 than expected.

There are no serious issues from what we’ve seen with Plasma 6. And if one week later bug fixes come in, we should be able to snap these this time quicker to Stable.


…but there are.

This one:

And everything here:

I wouldnt have said this a month ago.

The point is its up to this point.

Where there are major bugfixes and packaging changes coming just a few days after your projected release.

Thats what I would call poor timing.

But thats just my opinion.

Then again, I was speaking to what is coming to Arch/Unstable.
So its probably a little unfair to smash it together with Stable Branch.


xfce successfully installed on a VM.
Just one point (Calamares ?) :

  • after the iso boot, I selected tz as Paris, keyboard and language as fr, then launched installation with open source drivers
  • when Calamares starts, it puts tz as America / New York ! :face_with_raised_eyebrow: Keyboard and language are still fr.
  • I did not notice this point in the 2 previous isos.

Little typo there. I think you meant to write icu.

Exactly on point.

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