Help setting up my new laptop

Hello guys. so i have been using KDE for like three years on by HP Pavilion g6 Notebook. Now just ordered a new laptop with AMD Ryzen 5 5600H and AMD Radeon RX 6500M.
Since my last laptop don’t have a GPU what are some i need to pay attention while setting up my new system

AMD is handled by the opensource amdgpu. There wont be much to do in that regard.

But heres the wiki anyways

Even on existing installation everything should work “out-of-the-box”. As cscs mentioned above - all you need is amdgpu and current mesa. If you need something fancy encoding/decoding related (ffmpeg and such) you may have to take take a look at mesa-git. Visual stats and some control is available through corectl (check the corectl docs at GitLab).

other than graphics is there any thing else that i should pay attention to.I am mainly using the system for coding and some gaming btw

…no ? … or yes ?
Maybe you want to change the default shell from zsh to bash … maybe you want swap space configured, or maybe instead you want to use zram … I dont know.
The arch wiki will have just about everything you need:
Just remember that a few things are different on manjaro - mainly that kernels and drivers are handled by Manjaro Settings Manager (gui) and mhwd/mhwd-kernel (cli).

Update announcements are worth paying attention to regularly. There is a Notifier matray that resides in your tray (if installed), to keep you informed of latest issues to be aware of. Cheers