Help restore borg backup

I made a backup through the borg , but the files and directories are not sync when restoring, new files and directories that are created are not deleting.
I couldn’t find an option in borg, is there a solution that can be done during the restore of the rsync?
Especially when restoring the root directories, it causes the system not to boot
The command I do for restore

borg extract -v --list backup/::my-backup

What does that even mean?

Borg isn’t timeshift.

Then read their documentation: Borg Documentation — Borg - Deduplicating Archiver 1.2.2 documentation

This isn’t askusanything dot com and we’ll find it for you.

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Just guessing that perhaps you should use sudo when you restore, so you have permissions to deal with file-system stuff.

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In general, I wanted it to work the same way as rsync when restoring(delete new date when restoring and replace just backup).

For that reason, I addressed the issue that compression takes place in borg and the backup volume is greatly reduced
So borg can’t perform sync during restoring

No, borg doesn’t work like that. Think of a tar archive, but with compression, de-duplication and snapshots. But you can mount a borg snapshot and use rsync to do your stuff.

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