Help please with finding and installing driver for Samsung ML-2510

I have a Samsung ML-2510 printer. On a recent Manjaro installation the driver is missing. I have two other Manjaro installations that have the driver ML-2510 2.0.0 that work perfectly

I cannot find the driver anywhere and I’m not sure how to install in the event that I find it

Can someone please help?

From my short looking around, the name of the package containing the driver should be:


Printer: Samsung ML-2510 | OpenPrinting - The Linux Foundation

Arch Linux - Package Search


I think you need the splix package, found in the extra repository.

According to the project’s page, your model is supported:

Thanks guts - how did you find it? None of my searches brought up splix

The first link in the first reply.

Ahhhh - I see

Actually, I asked Google for:

Samsung ML-2510 printer arch

and indeed got the first link in my reply as the third result
which contained the name, which I used to find it in the Arch wiki and then the package search :wink:

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