Help: Optimize Manjaro for gaming

I have been using Manjaro for a couple years now, but I am not the greatest. I just built a new PC so I have a new install (KDE) going here and now that my CPU isn’t 10 years old, I really want to do everything I can to know my PC is getting the best fps possible on this install.

Well I remember on my last install there was something I saw recommended that I installed. I thought it was called “performance-tweaks”, but I can’t seem to find anything under any searches. Maybe it’s something similar in name to that, anyone know what I’m talking about?

In the process of trying to find what that was, I stumbled upon this page:
Where they are talking about the CPU govenor. So I looked into it and downloaded TLPUI, but not really sure what I should be doing with the settings here.
What about further down on that site where they talk about turning off compositing? Is that a hassle?

For now I am on the latest Nvidia drivers and latest kernel and did everything for gamemode. I set swappiness to 10 and enabled trim on my 980 pro.

Lutris and a custom proton like GE proton can help. Not sure how well they work but Chris Titus on YouTube does lots of tutorials for gaming on linux

There’s not really anything to optimize. Use GameMode (and configure it properly) to make sure your CPU is at its full potential, and other priority and I/O things (see GameMode config file).

Use latest drivers, the 5.10 LTS kernel (or other kernel if you can benefit from some new features), optimize your games configuration (here you can gain something), and enjoy.

You mean “was doing”? Last time I watched one of his video was when he said Linux gaming is crap and he doesn’t want to hear about it anymore (or something along those lines, I unsubscribed then)


I use GE already. And I can’t stand that guy, he bores me to death and I have never learned anything from his videos before I close them out.

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Nothing to optimize? So you think the swappiness and changing govenor to performance does nothing?
… well what is there that you should change in gamemode settings?

I still wish I could remember the proper name for that performance-tweaks thing.

I know what are you talking about but for some reason indeed it was removed from the AUR,still the git repo is up,but now its only do some config files instead of installing everything in one go.

Performance Tweaks used to install this packages,but now you need to do it manually,i think is the right way anyway.

haveged (haveged-git)
irqbalance (irqbalance-git)
systemd-swap (systemd-swap-git)
thermald (thermald-git-gcc10, thermald-git)

Of course you can also use the Arch Wiki to install everything and config properly and to look what you really need and what not.

What you can do is execute the script provided by @cscs too

That do pretty much what performance tweaks do now i think.

The swappiness? No, unless you are very low on RAM, which is unlikely for a gamer. And even so, I don’t think this would change your gaming performance, no.

For the governor, that is literally what GameMode was made for initially, managing CPU governor.
For the config, if you look at it everything is pretty well documented in it.

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I’m right there with you man. I’ve used Manjaro on my laptop for a while and figured I’d give it a shot on the desktop (also with kde). I don’t have top of the line PC (i7 6700k, 1060-6gig, 16g ram) but, performance has been pretty bad compared to win10, which I should just expect.

I went through a bunch of hoops installing gamemode (because I guess the cpu is gimped otherwise?), custom proton, installed all wine dependencies to get out of “dependency hell”, tried to adjust the gpu overclock to match the settings I had on win10, adjust environment for nvidia shaders, and probably a few other changes I’ve forgotten about on this trip into the rabbit hole.

I’m running out of things to try before accepting, “its just not ready, yet” and moving back to win10.

For some games I have similar performance, for some other I don’t have as good performance as on Windows. But the important thing is the way you run your Windows games. If you start them in plain Wine or within Steam with custom proton version and/or specific startup parameters can make the difference.

As long as you are >=60 fps you are fine anyway, I wouldn’t switch to windoze and be Billy G’s slave/sheep even if I had to play with 1fps.

I see what you’re saying with the “how you run it” aspect eg: No Mans Sky runs great with proton 4.11, but not with any other version of proton or wine, just took some trial and error to figure out the right set of plates to balance.

A lot of my issues were apparently be caused by kwin. I started using lutris and “disabling desktop effects” and that solved a lot of my performance issues. I thought kwin was already disabling compositing when games were launched, but I guess not.